Jasmine Pawlicki

Polymathic tendencies, a deep understanding of Ojibwe ontology, and a love for all things copper.


Anishinaabemowin-Teg 2014 Presentation

My collaborators, Michelle Saboo and Alyx Cadotte, and I developed a presentation entitled "Bimisemagad-Onaagan: Oshkikidowinan Nizhitoonmin (Disc Golf: Making New Words) (The Plate Flies a Certain Way: New Words We are Making)" for the 2014 Anishinaabemowin-Teg Conference. Our intent was to emphasize the creation of new Anishinaabemowin words for activities that as of yet have no equivalent, namely disc-golf, with the hope is that our presentation inspires other Anishinaabemowin learners

Anishinaabemowin-Teg Youth Presentation 2013

As a youth presenter at the 19th Annual Anishinaabemowin-Teg conference, I was slated with the task of putting together a presentation that would engage youth ages 13 to 17. I chose to give them phrases to talk with each other about their potential boyfriends or girlfriends and how to introduce themselves in the hopes that it would inspire them to use the language everyday. I utilized the materials that we were given in Beginning and Intermediate Anishinaabemowin classes at U-M.

Digital Exhibits

Most of these digital exhibits were collaborative efforts in which I was responsible primarily for content and formatting content within the design.

2016 Native American Heritage Month Digital Exhibit

I collaborated with students from the University of Michigan Native American Student Association (NASA) and the University of Michigan Library Peer Information Counseling (PIC) Program and in the creation of a digital exhibit for Native American Month. The exhibit debuted in November of 2015. This second iteration of the exhibit debuted in November of 2016. Graphic design was done by PIC student Michelle Sheng. The majority of the text was written by myself and reviewed by the NASA students.